How to choose the perfect artwork for a large space

Choosing artwork for a large space can be a daunting task – so let’s take some of the stress away. The right artwork can transform a large space from being cold and unloved or uninviting, into a beautiful and welcoming area. And just a few simple steps can help you decide how to turn a daunting task of size, space and decisions, into something really enjoyable.

First, it’s important to choose a piece that complements the size of the space. But second, if you’re going to all the effort of adding something to a space that is already dramatic, consider that you are also making a statement – so what kind of statement do you want your choice of art to make?

Size matters

When choosing artwork for a large space, consider the size of the space and the scale of the artwork that will sit there. A small piece of art may get lost in a large space, while an oversized piece may overwhelm the room. Choose a piece that is proportional to the size of the space, but also bold enough to make a loud statement.

Choose a focal point

A large space can benefit from a focal point, and probably the easiest way to do this is to choose a large painting or sculpture. Choose a piece that draws the eye to it because this is helping the statement really hit home. Large artwork can be a great way to add visual interest and create a cohesive look, even in a large room and choosing a contrasting colour wll be particularly dramatic.

Consider the style of the space

The artwork should complement the style of the space. If the room has a modern or contemporary design, choose artwork that is bold and abstract. If the space has a traditional or classic design, choose artwork that is more traditional in style.

Colour and texture

Consider how the colours and textures that you choose will fit with the existing colour scheme. Do you want to use similar tones and add texture? Or is your choice to use a bright, contrasting colour to make and add a pop of colour to your space. Just one, single textured pieces can add depth and dimension to a large or otherwise plain room.

When all these considerations have been noted and you have an artwork in mind, cast your eyes into this room in your home and think about the purpose of the space. If it’s a formal space, do you need something that is elegant and sophisticated? Artwork that is too playful or contemporary may not match a formal dining room, for example.

But if it’s a casual space, a piece that is more playful and fun may be just perfect. Large, busy rooms such as kitchen diners, basements or playrooms where lots of activities happen can instantly feel more calm and ‘put together’ when a large artwork is introduced. Even if the artwork is not in a calming or neutral colour, the focus a large artwork provides to anyone entering the room will instantly make the space feel less busy or chaotic.

Yes, choosing artwork for a large space can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to create a beautiful and inviting area. Have you considered the impact that a large scale resin artwork of your favourite beach may have on the busiest family room in your home?